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APP-CANCELLED key should handled by app first then fall back to system app


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There is a known issue after bug 1014418 lands. According to and, the actual key event sequence of the patch in bug 989198 should be:
  1. mozbrowserbeforekeydown event in embedder frame (i.e. System app)
  2. keydown event in embedder frame (*)
  3. keydown event in embedded frame
  4. mozbrowserafterkeydown event in embedder frame

(*): Sequence number 2 is not in our assumption when we start implementing this mechanism. 

The sequence number 2 above might cause newly implemented browser_key_event_manager in System app accidentally intercepts and processes key event even before other app does. This would make 'app-cancelled' scenario failed.

However this has no effect on all current apps. Because no app directly listens to KeyEvent of VolumeUp/VolumeDown now.
To post my findings here:

TL;DR, keydown/keyup events for System app when focus is on System and keydown/keyup events described in have different ||. We could use || to distinguish them.

In current implementation in System app, we listen to keydown/keyup for all keys except 'Home' and 'Power' because we treat them as 'APP-CANCELLED' scenario keys. (See and )

However, according to we might intercept and process 'VolumeDown' and 'VolumeUp' keys in system app earlier than foreground apps have any chance to process it.

I found out that when focus is on System app, target of keydown/keyup event is element in system app (usually body element). But target of keydown/keyup event described in are always mozbrowser iframe of the focused app. We probably could utilize to decides whether we should process keydown/keyup event in System app.
Assignee: nobody → tzhuang
Whiteboard: [ft:conndevices]
Summary: VolumeUp and VolumeDown key should handled by app first then fall back to system app → APP-CANCELLED key should handled by app first then fall back to system app
Change the title because this should apply to all APP-CANCELLED keys, not just VolumeUp and VolumeDown.
The definition of APP-CANCELLED keys are at

VolumeUp and VolumeDown are also defined as APP-CANCELLED keys.
Basically, this patch is just the same as the one in

But we'll patch it in tv_apps/
Depends on: 1014405
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Hi John, 
Could you please review the patch? Thanks

With this patch, we could let embedded app to handle APP-CANCELLED keys first, then fallback to system app if key event is not processed.
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Thanks for this patch. It looks good to me.
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