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Explicit directional isolates don't work as expected in RTL mode


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Attached file testcase.html
As per [1] the following text:

FSI + _ltr_or_rtl_text_ + PDI + _space_ + LRI + _ltr_text_ + PDI

should be equal to:

<bdi>_ltr_or_rtl_text_</bdi> + _space_ + <bdi dir="ltr">_ltr_text_</bdi>

But it's not the case in RTL in the latest Nightly (see attached test case).

Hey Ehsan and David could you please advise on that?

We may need this in Gaia Messaging app to format bidirectional text where markup is forbidden\not supported (currently app header component supports only plain text inside heading element, but we need to display bidirectional content there).

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See Also: → 1094320
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This is dependent on updating the bidi algorithm; see bug 922963.
Depends on: 922963
What Jonathan said
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Okay, thanks!

So I think, there is no need in ni? from Ehsan then :)
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