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Failing MOZ_ASSERT(mGLTextureSource == aTextureSource);


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I see this pretty reliably when repeatedly opening and closing a "tray" of icons on the homescreen.
khuey, can you explain more about '"tray" of icons'? Is it "Smart Collection"? or other things?

I try to reproduce the problem around homescreen app. But I could not reproduce it.
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If you have the latest Gaia master the dividers between icon groups have been replaced with some sort of "tray", and there's an arrow to collapse it at the top left.
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Thanks for the info! I confirmed that the problem happens on master flame.
Assignee: nobody → sotaro.ikeda.g
I confirmed that the assertion failure happened when GrallocTextureHostOGL is used from multiple ImageHosts.
How to call GrallocTextureHostOGL::UnbindTextureSource() has a problem. UnbindTextureSource() should be called when all CompositableClients end up to use it. But it is called when one CompositableHost stop to use it. This is a regression of Bug 1077301.
Blocks: 1077301
Keywords: regression
Update nits.
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The problem was fixed. But genlock failure happened on hamachi.
You are right Sotaro, UnbindTextureSource should not be called if the TextureHost is used with another compositable.
I think that this patch is correct but I need to test it (so just tagging for feedback until I've confirmed that it works).
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I just tested on hamachi and I get no genlock failure with this patch
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track the number of compositable references in texture host too

Thanks! Much better than mine and confirmed no genlock failure on hamachi.
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nical, I assigned you to this bug, since you created the patch.
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(In reply to Sotaro Ikeda [:sotaro] from comment #11)
> Thanks! Much better than mine and confirmed no genlock failure on hamachi.

You did the hard part which was to diagnose the problem.

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