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Put an extra SIM card in b2g-22.1 and update credentials


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After the DSDS job is created, we would need to put a new SIM card in it and add the new phone number in "local_phone_numbers":
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Like bought up in bug 1093583 comment 3, b2g-4.1 is under the dsds label (bug 1098311) only. A dedicated job has been created to target this device only (bug 1098313). Do you green light this physical change, Dave?
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I have no objections, but you don't need to run these changes by me. I'm happy to give me advice, but these are your devices to do what you want with. :)
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Geo, can you put a new SIM card in b2g-4.1 and update the credentials? Thank you!
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(In reply to Johan Lorenzo [:jlorenzo] (QA) from comment #3)
> Geo, can you put a new SIM card in b2g-4.1 and update the credentials? Thank
> you!

Johan, if you need it done today it'll need to be Parul, since I'm going to be at home. I have no idea what "update the credentials" means, however.

Please understand my position in this right now is to be your hands, but I have zero experience maintaining the infrastructure to date. If you understand that aspect better than I do, you're going to have to explain it to me.
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Actually, never mind, I see your comment zero re: the credentials file. I'll follow up offline.
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Johan, you will need to request a new SIM Card from IT using ServiceNow.
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I requested a new SIM card on ServiceNow (RITM0031583). I asked to deliver it to you Parul. Is it okay for you? If not, we can change it.
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As it turns out, I'm not going to be in the office this week, so that's probably the best bet. I'm ni'ing Parul to make it's seen.
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Sorry, all -- it was brought to my attention that I prematurely pulled B2G-4 from what I knew to be Web QA's rack/instance -- when it was in-use by the perf team.  I have it in my possession (literally) and will return it tomorrow to working order in the lab :-(
IT delivered the new SIM card via ServiceNow Request RITM0031583. Will place it in the phone when it is back in the QA Lab.
Placed the new SIM card in b2g-22.1 on a temporary basis to allow the new DSDS test to execute.
Thanks Parul! b2g-4.1 was an arbitrary choice, b2g-22.1 is fine too as somebody put it under the flame-kk&&dsds label. No need to make another change there. I've edited the title accordingly.
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Summary: Put an extra SIM card in b2g-4.1 and update credentials → Put an extra SIM card in b2g-22.1 and update credentials
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Looking OK but I can't actually check if that's the correct phone number
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You're right Bebe. I ask Geo as a second reviewer as he has access to the Service-Now request.
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The new SIM Card provided by IT is an AT&T number ending with 5589. It is SIM2 on the device.
SIM1 on the device is an AT&T number ending with 4850.
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Sorry I'd left the r+ hanging, this was fine.
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