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Event regions are only added for stacking contexts


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Currently we only inject nsDisplayLayerEventRegions for stacking and pseudo-stacking contexts. With containerless scrolling, this means that all but the first processed layer as part of a scrollframe will be missing event regions.

<roc> dvander: in BuildDisplayListForChild, we want to push a new nsDisplayEventRegion when nsLayoutUtils::GetAnimatedGeometryRootForFrame returns a different animated geometry root for the parent than for the child
<roc> Before actually shipping that code I think we need to do some work to optimize GetAnimatedGeometryRootForFrmae
Component: Panning and Zooming → Layout
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This adds an nsDisplayLayerEventRegions item for non-stacking contexts, if they have a different animated geometry root than their parent. The current animated geometry root for a frame is now cached as well.

I had to move some stuff from nsLayoutUtils to nsDisplayList, there was one material change from that. Previously we could return an animated geometry root in between a sticky frame and its nearest scrollframe, and that's been fixed.
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Can you split the patch into "cache animated geometry roots" and "create more nsDisplayEventRegions" please? Thanks!
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part 1, cache the current animated geometry root

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We should go further and actually store the animated geometry root in each display item. This would reduce overhead in FrameLayerBuilder. But that shouldn't be in this bug.
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