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build about:support models


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In order to capture about:support data, we need a new table to put it in.

This bug covers:

1. figure out requirements for storage
2. create the Django model for about:support data
3. write any useful tests
4. add code to our data deletion cron job
5. update relevant documentation
@willkg please provide more details about this bug. I would like to work on this. I think if I get to know exactly what to do then I can fix this.

Explain more what this bug is all about. What is about:support data? I didn't get that.
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This bug isn't fleshed out because I don't know what the requirements are, yet. Thus it's not ready to be worked on, yet.
Clearing the needsinfo on this one.
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Grabbing this to work on now.

I need to figure out what's available in the API and then talk to the UA folks to see what they want to capture.
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Talked to the UA folks. They said it's ok to stick it in a text field as a JSON object blob. So... I'm going to do that. Plus we'll just stick it all in (aka defer what we're putting in the blob until we implement the form changes).

We don't need additional tests, yet, so I'm skipping that.

Added it to the purge_data script.

In a PR:
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Landed in

I'll wait to deploy it since it doesn't do anything unless the form changes are there, too.
Pushed to prod just now.
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