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Eliminate versioncache


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Following a discussion with Dave:

We need to think about GetVersionTable(), which gets called by most CGIs even if
they don't use all the info it provides. 

Currently, it uses the versioncache file - has it been proved that this is more
effective than some finer-grained request system which accesses the DB every
time for just the data needed?

Should the info returned be security-filtered by default? Currently we are doing
this filtering, to remove hidden products and components, in a lot of different
scripts, which opens up the possibility of bugs and differences. We could have a
param which said "ignore this user's security - give me the whole lot".

Priority: -- → P3
Target Milestone: --- → Bugzilla 2.20
This bug hasn't been touched in over a year.  Given our current state of
rearrangement within Bugzilla, anyone have any additional thoughts on this?
Hardware: PC → All
I've been putting this off. Its going to have to get done, though. I'm just
hoping to cludge it for show_bug, and fix stuff up properly later.
Well, the code does say "This needs to go away" over GenerateVersionTable (which
is the bulk of what GetVersionTable is doing). So let's change the summary. :-)

Wow, I don't even *understand* GenerateVersionTable. Could somebody either
explain it in full here, or add some doc comments to it?
Blocks: bz-majorarch
Severity: normal → enhancement
Summary: GetVersionTable() rethink → GetVersionTable() needs to go away
We cache a load of rarely-changing stuff from the DB on disk in the file
data/versioncache. GenerateVersionTable() creates that file; it's run once an
hour, I believe.

OK. So GetVersionTable isn't slow (because it just sets a cached variable). And
GenerateVersionTable, which might take a second or less, is called once an hour.

With MySQL being able to use only one index per query, I think that versioncache
is still a good solution.

Another option is to start using $dbh->prepare_cached inside of mod_perl, but
that's far away.

At the least, though, GetVersionTable should actually return the version table
as a local variable, instead of re-setting a global. :-)

What are actual problems with it that people have run into, when using it?
OK, I know how to do this.

We can replace this with a Bugzilla::DataCache object. It will be a singleton if
at all possible (which means "one instance globally throughout the entire
Assignee: justdave → mkanat
Summary: GetVersionTable() needs to go away → GetVersionTable() needs to go away (into Bugzilla::DataCache)
It will work basically like Bugzilla::Config does now, where it imports the data
from a file.

Bugzilla::DataCache will EXPORT all of the data in versioncache.
Bugzilla::DataCache::flush() -- same as unlinking data/versioncache now.
Bugzilla::DataCache::_read_cache() will read-in the data.
Bugzilla::DataCache::_write_cache() will write-out the data.

I would put it in Bugzilla::Config, but it just doesn't seem to have the same
purpose as that module.

Eventually, we can refactor it to be accessed perhaps through
Bugzilla->datacache or something like that, and it could be more "lazy."

The *ideal* method of accomplishing what DataCache does would be with the
memcached daemon.
Blocks: bz-globals
OK, I worked on this for several hours yesterday. I entirely re-factored
versioncache into a module called Bugzilla::DataCache. I moved all the variables
normally held in versioncache out of the global scope, and into the package.

Here's what I think:

(1) In most of the places where we use versioncache variables, it's pointless.
We're only using one or two variables.

(2) Do we have any evidence that at any time versioncache actually improved
performance enough that it's worth all the code mess it causes? Bonsai says that
GenerateVersionTable was written by terry, and it's part of the original checkin
for Bugzilla.

So, I say, "versioncache considered harmful." I think we should remove it, then
see if there are *actually* performance problems without it, and then fix those
performance problems where they arise.

Instead, we should do this:

  Move all usage of all current versioncache variables to instead call a
subroutine in some .pm file. For example, @legal_products would be a sub called
"legal_products" inside (which doesn't exist yet) or
(from bug 280122). These subs can do once-per-page caching, if they want, just
like Bugzilla::User::groups does, now.
Summary: GetVersionTable() needs to go away (into Bugzilla::DataCache) → Move versioncache variables into Bugzilla->cache object or appropriate modules
Depends on: 282090
Assignee: mkanat → nobody
Target Milestone: Bugzilla 2.20 → Bugzilla 2.22
Depends on: 294160
Summary: Move versioncache variables into Bugzilla->cache object or appropriate modules → Move versioncache variables into appropriate modules
Alias: bz-versioncache
Blocks: 77193
Depends on: 311278
The trunk is now frozen to prepare Bugzilla 2.22. Enhancement bugs are retargetted to 2.24.
Target Milestone: Bugzilla 2.22 → Bugzilla 2.24
justdave mentioned that for Zippy they made versioncache regenerate on every page hit and there was no noticable performance issue.

So we're just going to eliminate it. If there are any performance problems exposed, we can fix them in a more architecturally-correct way.
Assignee: nobody → mkanat
Summary: Move versioncache variables into appropriate modules → Eliminate versioncache
Depends on: 328438
Depends on: 328602
Depends on: 328637
Depends on: 328638
Depends on: 330698
Blocks: bz-roadmap
Depends on: 332522
versioncache is dead!! YAY!
Closed: 18 years ago
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