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Remove GetURLSearchParams from nsDocShell


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|location.searchParams| implemented in Bug 1037715 is not available in the latest Aurora (35) nor Nightly (36). The source still has the attribute:

A workaround is |new URLSearchParams(| but I just wanted to it.

Any ideas?
It was disabled in bug 1082734.
I cannot access Bug 1082734 but understood. I'll update the docs and close the bug.
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Annevk, do we have a solution for this? updating the spec, or proposing a new approach?
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Closing for now.
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So what I think we should do is remove searchParams completely and make URLSearchParams take (URL or HTMLAreaElement or HTMLAnchorElement or Location or WindowLocation) as argument to extract a url's query more easily.
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You mean WorkerLocation, not WindowLocation, right?

I'm probably fine with that....
Did it shipped in a released version (34), then has been removed in 35, or has it been removed before 34 released? (Can't get the information from the security bug)
I cannot find this in 34 as well.
> Did it shipped in a released version (34)

No.  location.searchParams has never shipped in a release version.
Thanks, so the wiping of this in MDN was the right thing to do :-)
Reset the ddn keyword, so that we document what is proposed in comment 6, once defined and implemented.
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The spec is changed. Currently we don't have URLSearchParams in location so we can get rid of the URLSearchParam obj in the docShell.
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Anne, is the idea then to have something like .clear() in URLSearchParams?
Though, I guess one can always use = "";
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Hrm, that comment was for Bug 1174731.
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Uh, URLSearchParams was odd when it could be used with several things implementing URLUtils.
I wonder why searchParams ever was non-readonly attribute.

Please remove the comment from Location.webidl
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And change the title of this bug ;)
Summary: location.searchParams is missing → Remove GetURLSearchParams from nsDocShell
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Yes, and this is covered by the dev-doc-needed on bug 887836 (initial implementation, Fx 29) and bug 1174731 (making it read-only, Fx 41).

Calling this specific bug as done.
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