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Make searchParams attribute readonly


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This would significantly simplify the complexity of the object and not really reduce the functionality.
(I will update the specification if this is successful, as far as I know we're still the only ones implementing this.)
To clarify, the reason the specification is not changed is because this rather simplifies URLSearchParams as the relationship to URL objects becomes 1:1. I'd like to make sure we can land this without issue as otherwise I end up changing the specification twice.
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Anne, is the idea then to have something like .clear() in URLSearchParams?
Though, I guess one can always use = "";
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Depends on: 1105677
Yeah, we could add new methods later. Need to figure out what kind of methods make sense for multimap objects. Note that FormData/URLSearchParams/Headers are extremely close in terms of API.
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Please lose the indentation so that the word "attribute" is aligned with the lines before. Also, this should be a new URLUtilsSearchParams interface, no?
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I received a r+ from annevk in 'real life'.
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It breaks my BzDeck app :(

Why searchParams is readonly even on new URL?
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> Why searchParams is readonly even on new URL?

Because 1:1 is much better than 1:M and you can simply assign to .search instead.
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