Rewrite build system l10n repack rules from Makefile rules into a Python script



5 years ago
9 months ago


(Reporter: ted, Unassigned)


(Depends on 1 bug, Blocks 4 bugs)

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The l10n repack logic in the build system right now is a bunch of Makefile rules, which are really hard to follow and overly complicated because make is terrible.

We should rewrite these as a Python script, since it's not a really hard problem and we have lots of Python to do this stuff nowadays. glandium apparently already made this a Q1 goal for himself.
This turns out to block a bunch of removal, because changing how any l10n-related files get handled breaks things.
Blocks: nomakerules
Blocks: 1407427
Blocks: 1407442


a year ago
Product: Core → Firefox Build System
No longer blocks: 1407427
Assignee: mh+mozilla → nobody
Blocks: 1485057
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