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Get rid of DEBUG mode and httpd server


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AFAIK DEBUG mode and httpd are used by test-agent (unit testing). In marionette (integration testing), it runs on B2G simulator rather than httpd server. So we should run unit testing on b2g or mulet same as marionette and take watcher advantage from WebIDE in the future.
Depends on: 1108955
Depends on: 1108946
FTR I use the httpd server to tun the SMS application in Firefox (or Mulet), and have the "F5" functionality. I would be really sad if it's broken, because it's really one of my core development platforms.
We would like to have same F5 feature in mulet, without relying on httpd. Instead, app:// protocol would map directly to build_stage folder.
But the support of Firefox nightly is going to be most likely broken after that.
I think bug 1112091 from Dale is a better solution for testing apps that are meant to be working as-is, without any build-step, nor any special permission trick right into a regular browser. It doesn't forces you to open Firefox with a custom hacked profile.
I'm fine if this still works (quite) the same in Mulet.
Depends on: 1118138
Depends on: 1027475
Closed: 5 years ago
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