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Schedule Gip on Mulet builds


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Now that mulet builds are running on various branches, the Python UI tests could be scheduled to run on them.

With the exception of the SMS tests which still fail, the tests are mostly green.

The runner will need to be updated to pass:
--app-arg="-chrome" --app-arg="chrome://b2g/content/shell.html"

in with
Depends on: 1035273
Jonathan: Do you know what is required to get these running on buildbot? I'd be happy to provide a patch if I could get some assistance.
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Are these working well for you locally?  If so, let me know what the command-line is, and I can schedule them on cedar (first) so we can green them up, then everywhere once they're green.
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I think they are used to work with just `--app-arg="-chrome" --app-arg="chrome://b2g/content/shell.html"`
Alex, could you confirm?
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Yes, that's how I used to run them.
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I can't confirm right now, I'm in the train, but I definitively have been able to run them when I fixed the Gij issues related to the non local network connections. So it should run mostly out of the box.
I just downloaded the latest nightly Mulet build and successfully ran one of the tests using the following command:

$ gaiatest --binary=/Applications/ --profile=/Users/dhunt/workspace/gaia/profile/ --app-arg=-chrome --app-arg=chrome://b2g/content/shell.html --testvars=home.json gaiatest/tests/functional/clock/
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Thanks, I'll write a scheduling patch.
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Jonathan: Has this been done?
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Per bug 1139029, looks like we've turned Gip off on B2G Desktop OS X (as well as everything else). As Dave mentioned in bug 1139006#c6, any decisions there should probably happen on Mulet's setup as well.
Gah, amending my comment 9, "turned Gip off (as well as everything else) on B2G Desktop OS X". We're still running on Linux 64.
Sorry Dave, this slipped through the cracks.
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Comment on attachment 8572738 [details] [diff] [review]
Schedule GIP on linux64 mulet on cedar,

Review of attachment 8572738 [details] [diff] [review]:

should do the trick :)
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This is needed because we're using a config that has application='b2g'.  The other option would be to clone the config file and change it in the copy.
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Override the application option,

Review of attachment 8577028 [details] [diff] [review]:

alternatively, if we suspect there was going to be more differences, we could add another mh config and do:
--cfg', 'marionette/', --cfg', 'marionette/'

mh config hierarchy will give precedence to the last mentioned config file.

this patch makes sense to me if it's a single item difference.
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This patch is now obsolete; all of mulet-related jobs are being handled in TaskCluster.  I'm not sure how to schedule things there, but I assume there are docs somewhere.  Flagging catlee for more info.
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I've been able to run them manually on taskcluster by patching something in mozharness (I don't remember what, I think it was something about the binary name being firefox-bin instead of b2g-bin.)
See bug 1030679 comment 7. The taskcluster yml file was enough to run Gip with the small mozharness tweak!
Depends on: 1030679
Looks like all the necessary changes are to files in the testing/taskcluster dir.
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Gip is being killed.
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