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Make the files in download manager available for attachments in mail application


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After the work done in bug 848400 plus bug 1097117 (and the lack of confirmation that a file manager could be available in 2.2 timeframe), I would like to ask for make available the functionality in production builds, not only in engineer builds where it is now.

I heard the change is to add "apps/download" in

This change will allow mail application to attach files in Download manager. We do think this is a good improvement in mail application.
Setting needinfo to the product manager for systems front-end, since I think this is fundamentally a systems frontend question/issue and it was :pdol's call to not put this in everything yet.  It may also be appropriate to move this to one of the systems front end bugzilla components.
Flags: needinfo?(pdolanjski)
Changing to Wilfred, as he is the product manager currently for systems front end.
Flags: needinfo?(pdolanjski) → needinfo?(wmathanaraj)
The request here was from tef :

1. make this feature available in user builds - not just eng builds (even if Tef has to enable it by a flag)
2. when and if Mozilla has a better solution we can then exchange this for the better solution
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Hey George, could you review this when you get a chance?

Attachment #8545841 - Flags: review?(gduan)
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Tested with today build in Flame( Gecko-7a1f501.Gaia-9946a49) there is an option to use download files in attachment mail menu. Thanks everyone for your good work!
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