Remove unnecessary null-check of "new css::Declaration" in nsCSSParser

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CSS Parsing and Computation
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CSSParserImpl::ParseDeclarationBlock has an unnecessary null-check after new (unnecessary because new is infallible).

Filing this bug on cleaning that up.
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fix v1
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fix v1, "diff -w" version
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Backed out in for apparently breaking all tests: 

(Builds were broken on dholbert's push, so this is the most recent push that built with dholbert's changes.)
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Looks like the patch moved the declaration->CompressFrom() line into the loop, when it shouldn't have.  (Should have un-indented it instead of leaving it at its current indent.)
Yup -- looks like I mistakenly deleted the wrong closing-brace. (not the one that corresponded to the "if" condition that I'm removing). (This  is equivalent to what dbaron said in comment 5)

I think I probably did this because my merge too, "meld", highlighted the wrong one for me, because it was confused about bracing-level by an extra (quoted!) closing-brace in this code: "ExpectSymbol('}', true)"

Anyway, I'm going to rebuild & briefly test with that locally, and if all is well, I'll re-push with that fixed.
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Created attachment 8540482 [details] [diff] [review]
fix v2: now with the correct closing-brace removed

Here's the fixed patch. I verified that I can open a browser and open/close tabs, with this patch applied. (I could not, with the previous patch; we crash/abort before that.)

I think that's sufficient testing for a patch of this sort (removing an unnecessary null-check).   Sorry for not performing it on the earlier patch & catching that mistake earlier. :)
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fix v2, "diff -w" version
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