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Add "site navigation bar" component


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Bug 103053 tracks about 50 bugs related to the site navigation bar.  As I said 
in 103053:

"Tracking a huge number of bugs using dependencies makes searching difficult, 
especially when the feature used to have a different name.  cf -turbo, quick 
launch, and bug 75599."

Once this component is created, all of 103053's dependencies (even fixed ones) 
should be moved to the new component, and 103053 should be retired.
tracks about 250 bugs related to the status bar. Tracking such a huge number of
bugs makes searching difficult, especially when the feature used to have a
different name (the taskbar), and especially when there isn't a meta bug to help
keep track of them. Since there are five times as many bugs involved, I propose
a `Status Bar' component be introduced before we even *think* about a `Site
Navigation Bar' component.

But seriously. The existence of a meta bug does not a component make. We have
many meta bugs with many more dependencies than bug 103053 has, and I see no
need for a component devoted to such a small feature.
I think the main rationale for having a component would be to do with the fact
that the group of people working on the linktoolbar is pretty distinct from the
group of people working on anything else (specifically, the group of people
working on the browser in general seem to be supremely disinterested in the
linktoolbar; that's their right, but it means that getting "module owner review"
can be a bit hard sometimes).

Having a component would at least permit having a default assignee, so that
linktoolbar bugs don't get moved to (see bug 116259) but to
someone who might actually be interested in fixing them.

Unfortunately I think that the group of people actively working on the
linktoolbar is currently so small that a component wouldn't help the problem much.
Is _anyone_ working on the link toolbar?
*someone* is, see bug 102905.

Admittedly it seems to be just one person (with others, such as myself,
cheerleading from the sidelines) and only taking a small part of that person's
time, but *someone* is.

At the time that this bug was filed, the group was larger by an order of
magnitude or two (approximately 4 people instead of less than 1/4 of a person).
I'd love to see someone pick it up again...

(stock grumble about how everyone seems to think it's a "geek" feature when it's
Assignee: asa → ian
Ok, I agree this would be useful. I need a description, and volunteers to act as
owners and QA contacts.

I volunteer for QA contact.
If there were anyone in a position to act as owner, we'd probably be a lot
better off site-navigation-bar-wise than we are now :(

A year ago, I'd have jumped at the chance myself. Today I just don't have the
time (new baby) or resources (broken monitor => no computer capable of mozilla
hacking). The only person I've seen doing *any* work in this area recently is
Neil, who I just CC'd in case he happens to be interested...
Severity: normal → enhancement
->WONTFIX since no-one stepped up. Reopen it if someone does. Cheers.
Closed: 21 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
(I'm also not convinced there are really enough bugs to warrant a component at
this time.)
Doesn't this exist now (Site Navigation Toolbar)? Or does this refer to a
sidebar or other variation on the idea?
please read
and perhaps even this bug.

this bug wants a bugzilla component to track issues with the mozilla component.
I see - from the comment history here it seemed the Component for Site
Navigation Toolbar here in Bugzilla wasn't being created in part because the
Toolbar itself was too broken to bother with. I was asking - now that the
Toolbar is quite capable - if it's worth adding, in lieu of the tracking bug.
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