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expose logical property values on computed style objects


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It probably makes sense to expose logical properties on computed style objects with values according to the direction/text-orientation/writing-mode on the same object.
When we do this, we should be able to remove logical_box_prop_get_computed from property_database.js.  This should have the happy side effect of testing the presence of CSS_PROPERTY_GETCS_NEEDS_LAYOUT_FLUSH on any logical properties that need it.
See Also: → 1132889
Duplicate of this bug: 1292455
Igalia is working on implementing logical properties on Blink, and is adding tests for this in

This is still not terribly urgent, but maybe Nazim or some of the other folks that are getting started with style / layout may want to get familiar with nsComputedDOMStyle and poke at this?
I can work on that but I have some other things on my plate right now. If someone else wants to work, please take it :) I'll work on it if it's not taken by then.
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Bug 1116638: Expose logical props in computed style. r=xidorn

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Expose logical props in computed style. r=xidorn
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I guess it's worth a intent to ship as well.
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Good point, just did :)
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For clarity: does this affect web developers in a meaningful way? Does it make a web-exposed API behave differently (even if by fixing an error in its results)? I can't easily tell from the bug or the code without a deeper dive than the usual quick flip through I try to stick to while deciding if bugs should be added to the docs schedule.
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Yes, getComputedStyle(element).getPropertyValue('margin-block-start') didn't use to work before this patch, for example.
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