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Messages from blocked or muted users still show up in Twitter timeline


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I had the misfortune recently of becoming involved in a very unpleasant exchange on twitter, which is still going on. Although I'm no longer involved in the conversation, each message is still addressed to me (among others).

I have tried muting and blocking the unpleasant person involved in the conversation, and I no longer see their messages when I go to However, the messages still show up in my timeline in Instantbird, and each one pings me.

This is getting very upsetting - I had hoped that by updating to the latest Nightly build, this would be fixed, but I still get the messages all the same. I have no idea how the twitter API works, but I hope this is fixable on your end - for now I have resolved not to use twitter through Instantbird until this dies down.
I'm amazed clients apparently have to take care of this. It seems it would involve

Related: providing a way to block users is bug 954715.
Component: Conversation → Twitter
Product: Instantbird → Chat Core

> Consider obtaining a list of blocked users from the REST API regularly using GET blocks / ids.
> Blocked accounts are filtered on the server-side in the home timeline. There is no need to
> fetch or apply the block list if only displaying the home timeline or the user timeline.
> Track results and @mentions, are not filtered for blocked accounts. Consider optionally
> grabbing the block list to filter blocked accounts from track results. The block list should
> be cached locally - the change velocity is usually quite low. If possible, save the cache to
> disk to avoid polling for the block list upon startup. An update interval of 6 to 24 hours
> would be reasonable.

This seems to imply we don't have to worry about this...except for "track results" and @mentions, which this seems to be specifically about.

Bug 1445778 removes support for Twitter due to changes in their streaming API.

Closed: 2 years ago
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