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Breakdown: Support capturing and filling of login credentials on


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Attached image hulu.gif is a password manager gauntlet. In my experience, working on means you work in lots of other places. When I hear about a new browser based password manager, the first site I test it on is :)

Some challenges on Hulu:

* it doesn't use a <form> element on
* the login "form" is dynamically added after page load (i.e., no input type=password on page load)
* the password input is initially hidden and only becomes visible after the user focuses on the username or password field
* credential submission uses AJAX and does not navigate the page to a new URL
* the login form is on an HTTP page
* they have a totally different login experience on, which *does* use a <form> element 

This makes capturing difficult because you can't rely on onsubmit or page navigation as a cue to ask the user if they want to save their credentials. It makes auto-fill challenging because the password field is not initially visible. The fact the whole thing is on an HTTP page raises security concerns.

Screencap attached.
Whiteboard: [platform-rel-Hulu]
Priority: -- → P2

Moving to P3 as this is not happening in the next release cycle.

Priority: P2 → P3
Severity: normal → S3

I believe this should be moved to the Password Manager: Site Compatibility component.

Flags: needinfo?(sgalich)

Could be, first we need to figure what's happening there and if there are still issues after all these years.
From quick look I can see passwords offered when saved, but it looks like submit detection is not working.

Flags: needinfo?(sgalich)
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