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AreWeSlimYet regressions


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Not set




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(Depends on 2 open bugs, )


(Keywords: memory-leak, meta) opens and closes a series of webpages and tracks their memory usage.  It is used to track memory usage for somewhat normal browsing.  This bug is to track the regressions that are filed against it, to make it easier to be sure they are fixed.
I added some recent AWSY regressions.  Feel free to add more.  I added the [MemShrink] tag so that it comes up in the meeting, but it need a rating itself.
We should also do a better job of getting these annotated on AWSY itself.  To do that, you need to submit pull requests against . Modify the annotations list in html/slimyet.js.  I'm working on this right now for a few of the recent ones.  Then we should add whiteboard annotations for the AWSY bugs to indicate they have been annotated.
Version: 32 Branch → Trunk
Depends on: 1120607
Alias: AWSY
Depends on: 1118397
I went through and annotated a number of these regressions on  I'm not sure what it takes to update the site from the repo.  Then I added [awsy+] to the whiteboard of bugs I added an annotation for the regression, and then [awsy-] to the whiteboard if I added an annotation for the fix.
Depends on: 1122704
Whiteboard: [MemShrink]
Depends on: 1142183
Depends on: 1150170
Depends on: 1183390
Depends on: 1183412
Depends on: 1189896
The regression present on AWFY since Sep 23 has been investigated?
Depends on: 1219914
(In reply to Guilherme Lima from comment #4)
> The regression present on AWFY since Sep 23 has been investigated?

We tracked it down to changes in Jemalloc 4. I have filed bug 1219914 to follow up on it.
Component: Tracking → General
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