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Make OpenSearch queries open in the user's default browser


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Thunderbird's web search tab stinks. A lot. There are numerous problems with it, including the lack of a URL bar, horrible accessibility, and just general ugliness, to name a few. Of all the code I've ever landed in comm-central, I think the web search tab is probably the worst.

I really think that trying to embed a good (or even decent!) browser is way out of scope for Thunderbird. For the users who really want such a thing, Thunderbrowse is far better than what we have now, and our time can be better spent elsewhere, like on email. ;)

This patch completely removes the web search tab. After this patch, web searches from Thunderbird will be opened in the user's default browser, which will have a much better UX than we can provide. It will also help people who use web proxies in their browser, since they probably didn't set them up for Thunderbird, and it could be a nasty surprise for them otherwise.

Note: this doesn't completely revert everything in bug 677421; some work on that is being done in other bugs, and I didn't revert the first patch there, which adds a contentTabBaseType. I'm not sure reverting that is worth the code churn, especially since wouldn't be a clean backout. I can remove it if people really want me to, though.
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Remove the web search tab

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Pretty bit-rotted, but sure. r=mkmelin
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Remove the web search tab

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I didn't apply the patch, but the direction seems fine to me. Indeed, there is no way we will ever develop a decent web browser from within Thunderbird (Well, actually, I think that's basically called Seamonkey. :))

Sorry for the delay!
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