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enable 10.10 tests on try but not enabled by default, and hidden in try chooser syntax page


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Was talking to philor and jmaher in #ateam today.

They said that it is more useful to have 10.10 enabled on try than on cedar for developer testing.  Given that we only have 3 10.10 machines in the pool right now they suggested enabling 10.10 on try but having it not enabled by default and hidden in the try chooser syntax page.  

An an example 10.8 is disabled by default on try in bug 1091368.
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tested in staging, will attach builder diff
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builder diff
actually this patch does not enable all the 10.10 tests that are enabled on cedar, let me fix that
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Personally, I would *not* do trychooser yet, trusting that we can tell the people we need to tell (in the bugs we're filing against them) how to run it, without having the extra load of people who just check whatever box is in front of them without knowing how to interpret their results.
Right, this patch doesn't update the index.html page for trychooser
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nthomas	kmoir: extra ) in, I think
kmoir	nthomas thanks will fix it
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