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Make Bugzilla link to MozReview link directly to diff instead of review request page.


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For the most part, when reviewers go to MozReview, they want to look at the code, and not previous reviews.

The link in MozReview should link them directly to the diff viewer page of the squashed review request instead, where they can immediately start making comments. Because we now show the commit list in the diff page, this means they can navigate to child commit diffs easily as well.
If we want to encourage people to review at the commit level, rather than always just commenting on the giant folded view, maybe linking directly to the folded diff isn't the best call? Maybe use the first commits diff?

Maybe linking to the folded diff is fine and we just need to educate about the different diff views better?
The new MozReview Bugzilla table could also add an extra link to the diff.
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I won't claim to be necessarily representative of your entire user base, but my most frequent use case for "clicking on a patch link in a bug" is "stalking someone else's patch", where I am not a reviewer. Sometimes that leads to me wanting to leave some review comments, but that's rare.

So while I think optimizing the "review a patch" flow is great, it shouldn't come at the cost of significantly hampering the "just see the patch" use case. It sounds like the proposed solution to this bug would probably strike a better balance.
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This adds commit IDs that function as links to the review-request diffs to the child summaries, similar to how the summary tables look in MozReview right now.
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Add commit IDs as links to diffs

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::: extensions/MozReview/web/js/mozreview.js
@@ +34,4 @@
>          if (!isParent) {
>              tdSummary.addClass('mozreview-child-request-summary');
> +            diffLink.attr('href', rrDiffUrl(; 

remove trailing whitespace
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