Sometimes suggestions list is not updated when the default search engine is changed using keyboard




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Reproduced using Firefox 36 beta 1, latest Developer Edition 37.0a2 and latest Nightly 38.0a1 2015-01-18 under Win 7 64-bit, Mac OSX 10.9.5 and Ubuntu 12.04 32-bit.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Have several Firefox instances opened
2. In one instance go to search bar and start typing - search suggestion are displayed
3. Change the default search engine using Ctrl/Cmd + up/down arrows - the search suggestions are changed accordingly to the selected search engine
4. Go to another Firefox instance and repeat the steps above
5. Return to the first instance and change again the default search engine

Actual results:
Putting the Firefox instance in background for several times results in not showing correctly the search suggestions.

Expected results:
Suggestions list is updated every time the default search engine is changed using the keyboard.
I remember seeing this while implementing the patch for bug 1110678. I don't think using several instances is required to reproduce, but maybe that makes it easier to reproduce.

Tbh, I wasn't sure if I was more surprised that suggestions were updated automatically most of the time after changing the default engine from the keyboard, despite me not having written any code to do this, or that it sometimes didn't work. During my testing this seemed intermittent and I couldn't figure out when it worked or not.
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