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[Message][Refactoring] Refactor the Delete and markThreadRead methods in thread_list_ui.js


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Refactor the delete and markThreadRead method, and if possible split the delete function. Separate the UI and gecko update method so that it can use effectively in undo action. 
For undo related bugs: Bug: 1121863 and Bug 1037650
ni? Julien for mentor
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You can mark the bugs that need it in the "blocks" line.

What do you expect from me?
Just a approval to carry work on this as per description or your suggestion on this.
I think no need to blocks for it, i will contniue to work on it once bug 1067275 and bug 1037650 done.

Assignee: nobody → rishav006
Mentor: felash
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[PullReq] kumarrishav:Bug-1126279 to mozilla-b2g:master

I added lots of comments.

This is not radically changing what you did; it's mostly cosmetic.

I'm very sorry for the delay. I think I'll be able to get faster now that I have the bug intent in my head. :)
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Yeah, this is mostly cosmetic change, which i did, taking undo action in consideration. Lot's of work is still left in undo patch (though i made it working :) ). If you will say , we can have these changes directly into undo patch and ignore this bug/patch.
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I think it's OK to land this first, I prefer several small patches than one big one :)

If it's easier for you to do everything on the undo patch then we can do it like this. This is as you wish.
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I left few comments on github but didn't try it yet.

Please put the additional changes in a separate commit :)

Also you might want to wait for bug 1084298 first, it should land tomorrow when Steve wakes up.
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[PullReq] kumarrishav:Bug-1126279 to mozilla-b2g:master

You need a rebase now that bug 1084298 landed.

I added some guidance on github.
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Hardware: x86_64 → ARM
Hi Julien
As lots of changes happened, do you still think it's valid one. Should close it now 
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mmm I don't think this is obsolete, this is purely a patch for the view, and this didn't change (except it's in conversation.js now).
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assigning to nobody.
Reason : other priority bugs
Assignee: rishav006 → nobody
Mass closing of Gaia::SMS bugs. End of an era :(
Closed: 7 years ago
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Mass closing of Gaia::SMS bugs. End of an era :(
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