fix browser data capture code in generic feedback form



4 years ago
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The way I wrote the code to capture the browser data, I have it reacting to events on the checkbox. That's kind of silly.

This bug covers rewriting that code so that it continues to ask the browser for browser data when the form loads, but it copies the data into the appropriate place to submit when the user clicks the Submit button.
This requires knowledge of JavaScript.

The code in question is here:

However, it's likely I'll have merged the generic_feedback_dev.js file into generic_feedback.js. You'll need to make the changes to generic_feedback.js.

The wry twist is that it's difficult to get everything working such that the code kicks off and there aren't any instructions for it. Without doing that, the data comes back as undefined because the code doesn't have permissions to access that API:

If you get far enough to do a PR, I can test it.

Even so, marking this as a mentored bug. If you're interested in working on it, please read through our "Join this project" guide [1], complete the list of things you need to do before contributing and then add a comment to this bug asking to have it assigned to you.

If you have any questions, please ask in the bug comments, on the mailing list or in the #input channel on

Mentor: willkg
The Input service has been decommissioned (see bug 1315316) and has been replaced by a redirect to an external vendor (SurveyGizmo). I'm bulk WONTFIXing Input bugs that do not appear to be relevant anymore.
Last Resolved: 2 years ago
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