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Implement HTTP Edge Server


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Implement the HTTP Edge Server spec as discussed on the dev-metrics-pipeline group.
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Duplicate of this bug: 1125430
Things that are not currently available in the Heka Messages generated by HttpListenerInput:
- URL Path
- URL Host
- Client IP (RemoteAddr)

Things we'd like in the "metadata" message that are not available:
- Request Duration
- Server response code
- Server response body (this is not terribly important)
The Path, Host, and RemoteAddr fields were added with this PR:
The next challenge is that by default, the HttpListenInput splits incoming payloads into multiple messages. I think we need a new splitter that just reads to EOF for each request.
I initially thought I could use a simple workaround - create a splitter that never returned a record, and use "GetRemainingData" at the end to return a single record for the entire payload.

Unfortunately this doesn't work properly if the payload contains more than MAX_MESSAGE_SIZE bytes - I get an infinite loop.

Rob, can you recommend a good way to get the entire message body of the HttpListenInput as a single message?
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As discussed in IRC, I'll implement an EOFSplitter that will resolve this issue.
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We should be able to implement the full HTTP Edge spec in the new SandboxInput plugin which is now available:
For the short term, I'd like to use the HttpListenInput with the EOFSplitter to implement the majority of the desired spec.

It appears that it would take some significant effort / refactoring of the HttpListenInput to implement the full spec, and may break backwards compatibility (namely the HTTP Response codes and behaviour).

So I propose that we do a v1 with as much as we can reasonably get from the HttpListenInput, and aim for a v2 edge server based on the SandboxInput with a complete implementation of the spec.

Rob, Trink, thoughts?
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The majority of the specification has been implemented using the HttpListenInput with a custom SandboxDecoder.

See details at:

Items that were *not* implemented in the initial version:
- HTTP response codes for GET responses and POSTs to invalid namespaces.  All requests return 200 as I understand it.
- The metadata message describing the message size, request duration, etc.

A more complete implementation is tracked in Bug 1137424.
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