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Enable Connection Security for


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Currently any connection attempts to port 563 of aka are blocked.  Only plain text transfer is possible.

I expected a NNTPS connection.
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This would be an issue we'd need to take up with Giganews.

All content on is public and there are no logins. So no confidential data is being transferred. If you wish to prevent an eavesdropper knowing what public information you are reading, you may wish to use Tor to connect.

The need for a (more expensive) secure transmission of public data is only one part of this feature request. Two other factors are:

Some users simply try NNTPS, fail and therefore assume that something is buggy on their side. See news://

The reasons leading to might be relevant here too.
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Ashlee: do you have a named contact at Giganews we can email about this?

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(In reply to Gervase Markham [:gerv] from comment #3)
> Ashlee: do you have a named contact at Giganews we can email about this?
> Gerv

Phone: +1 (512) 225-5012
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Sorry if I was being a bit British there; what I really meant was: ashlee: could you please contact Giganews and ask them about secure NNTP support on the server?

Giganews do provide SSL options for their services, so it may just be a case of flicking a switch.

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I've emailed giganews support regarding this
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Any response from Giganews?

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Yes and no, our current deal with giganews at the moment does not allow us to do it, we're still in discussion about this
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I can't take action here; passing to limed.

Assignee: gerv → limed
At this moment we will not be enabling NNTPS for The way our agreement with them works does not allow us to do this at this time.
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