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4 years ago
We can consider using snippets/tiles for additional promotion of RL/RM.
Would be great if conditional in existence of FxA and previous usage of RL/RM.
For Tiles we can set a meeting with the Content Services team and Snippets with Marketing.

String freeze date for snippets / tiles is April 6th so the work will need to be done before that.

This will likely fall off the 38 release train when we're confirmed to be in the "what's new" tour.  If this misses 38 we should consider 39 as an option.

The investigation work is done here, now we need to decide if we're going forward with implementing it.
Mass change of ReadingList bugs, moving to their own component. Filter bugspam on the following quote:

“Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.”
― Joseph Addison
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Deferring to v2.
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Mistakenly filed against Firefox 38 and should be instead 38 Branch. Sorry for the spam. dkl
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