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Server Side Updates mechanism seems to be stalled.


(Firefox OS Graveyard :: Gaia, defect)

Gonk (Firefox OS)
Not set


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(Reporter: karlcow, Assigned: Atoll)




In Web Compatibility, we noticed discrepancies in the UA override on the device and the status of the list.

The latest update to the UA override list has been done by Bug 1103680 on 2014-12-22 21:28:48
Which explicitly removed the UA override for "" into
(We removed the spoofing for linkedin because the site is broken with it. Not functioning mobile version.)

When testing on a Flame the site, we noticed that 
1. spoofing Firefox OS UA on Gecko Desktop, get us the desktop site (normal)
2. spoofing Firefox OS UA on Blink mobile emulator, get us the desktop site (normal)
3. deactivating the update mechanism, get us the desktop site (normal)
   pref("general.useragent.updates.enabled", false); in 


4. with the update mechanism enabled, we receive the mobile version.
   It means the spoofing is going on. 

So there is something broken somewhere. :)
We need to find out. 

I found out today about Bug 1072050 but that doesn't seem related to our issue.


* Is the sync mechanism is still active in between mozilla central and the cdn?
* Which URI could we manually test to double check the server is sending the right list? I see, but don't know what %APP_ID% is supposed to be. 
   pref("general.useragent.updates.url", "");
Depends on: 897221
So something is clearly broken. Who owns this part of the infrastructure?
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WebOps, see bug 912215 and bug 957818
Flags: needinfo?(nchen)
So from Bug 957818
* Brandon Burton (:solarce) not at Moz anymore?
* Chris Turra (:cturra)     not at Moz anymore?

from Bug 912215
* Jake Maul (:jakem)        not at Moz anymore?
* Ah maybe Correy Shields   -> ni

We seem to have an issue. The current lists are out of sync, and probably for a long time.

Could you help us to get it fixed?
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Depends on: 912215, 957818
Sorry guys, I was out on PTO last week.  Will ask webops to help here.
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The update script is buggy:


Needs to be revised to:

if [ ! -f

Because otherwise on every run, it overwrites the deployed revision file with the latest revision, and then exits cleanly because the two versions match.
I temporarily patched the -d/-f fix into the update script and ran it manually, which appears to have deployed the updated dyanmicua content for you - and then reverted my temporary fix so this can be repaired by whatever normal process occurs here.
I've also issued a purge request for*.* so it should pick up the new content fairly quickly.
Depends on: 1149269
And since Webops owns that script, I've committed the changes and it should be correct moving forward.
Should this be considered fixed now?
I think so.
Assignee: nobody → rsoderberg
Closed: 7 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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