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trained-to-thrill Service Worker crashes child process on FirefoxOS


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Using this patch queue (build available soon):

I see the child process crash when visiting trained-to-thrill:

Note, it happens on the second visit when fetch events start getting processed.

This could be related to bug 1133238 where we see a CORS failure, but I'm not sure.
Is this something the Paris folks have already solved?  Am I missing a patch from that queue?
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This seems to effect as well.
I didn't see anything in logcat.  Maybe a debug build would show more.  Unfortunately I don't have time to investigate now.
I am hitting this crash as well. I can see this in the logcat:

 208  Gecko  I  [Parent 208] WARNING: Principal is invalid, killing app process: file ../../../dom/ipc/AppProcessChecker.cpp, line 222
 208  Gecko  I  [Parent 208] WARNING: 'mActor && !AssertAppPrincipal(mActor, principal)', file ../../../dom/cache/PrincipalVerifier.cpp, line 137
 208  Gecko  I  [Parent 208] WARNING: 'NS_FAILED(aRv)', file ../../../dom/cache/CacheStorageParent.cpp, line 225
Thanks Fernando!  I wonder if the appId being passed is garbage or something.
I believe Fernando and Andrea are investigating this.  It does seem the principal is incorrect.  They tell me the security check is seeing:

  appId 0 and inBrowserElement false

But logcat indicates the browser has these values instead:

  AppId 32 inBrowserElement 1

So the ServiceWorker is getting the wrong principal somehow.
Some more information. It seems that the principal is wrong when we get to WorkerGlobalScope::GetCaches which seems to be the starting point for the Cache API.

30657 Gecko  I  ServiceWorkerManager::Register. documentPrincipal. appId 32 inBrowser 1
30657 Gecko  I  ServiceWorkerRegisterJob::Start. principal. appId 32
30657 Gecko  I  ServiceWorkerRegisterJob::Start mJobType == REGISTER_JOB
30657 Gecko  I  ServiceWorkerRegisterJob::Start mRegistration
30657 Gecko  I  StoreRegistration 32
30657 Gecko  I  PopulateRegistrationData appId 32
29882 Gecko  I  AppId 32 inBrowserElement 1
29882 Gecko  I  OwnOrContainingAppId 32

30657 Gecko  I  WorkerGlobalScope::GetCaches appId 0
30657 Gecko  I  CacheStorage::CreateOnWorker
30657 Gecko  I  CacheStorage::CacheStorage
30657 Gecko  I  CacheStorage::ActorCreated
29882 Gecko  I  CacheStorageParent::CacheStorageParent appId 0
30657 Gecko  I  CacheStorage::Open
29882 Gecko  I  VerifyOnMainThread()
29882 Gecko  I  AppId 0 inBrowserElement 0
29882 Gecko  I  OwnOrContainingAppId 32
29882 Gecko  I  [Parent 29882] WARNING: Principal is invalid, killing app process: file ../../../dom/ipc/AppProcessChecker.cpp, line 224
29882 Gecko  I  [Parent 29882] WARNING: 'mActor && !AssertAppPrincipal(mActor, principal)', file ../../../dom/cache/PrincipalVerifier.cpp, line 138
29882 Gecko  I  [Parent 29882] WARNING: 'NS_FAILED(aRv)', file ../../../dom/cache/CacheStorageParent.cpp, line 228
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Have you verified that this fixes the problem?
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FWIW the patch fixes the issue for me. Thank you Andrea!
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