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[ReadingList] Add promo blurb to ReadingList bookmarks menu


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(Whiteboard: [readinglist-v2])

To help promote the ReadingList and Sync integration, we want a promo blurb at the bottom of the ReadingList bookmarks menu. This should act like the existing sync promo blurb in the bookmarks menu (among other areas).


Strings as discussed in bug 1131155:

  "Access your Reading List on all your devices. Get started with Sync."

With "Get started with Sync." being a link that opens the Sync pane of Preferences.
Flags: qe-verify+
Flags: firefox-backlog+
Blocks: 1132074
Of note, browser.syncPromoViewsLeftMap is the pref used for existing sync related blurbs.
See also bug 1131729 comment 2, for when Sync is already set up.
Not required for Reading List V1 Campaign Release.
No longer blocks: 1132074
Mass change of ReadingList bugs, moving to their own component. Filter bugspam on the following quote:

“Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.”
― Joseph Addison
Component: General → Reading List
Agreed w/Bryan that the extro promo can wait, based on feedback on how signups are doing.
Whiteboard: [readlinglist-v2]
Whiteboard: [readlinglist-v2] → [readinglist-v2]
Priority: -- → P3
Product: Firefox → Firefox Graveyard
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