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Update default stylesheet for ruby to incude the locale-specific rules


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The default stylesheet in CSS Ruby spec has been updated to include two locale-specific rules, we should include them.
We should be careful about whether they're actually efficient.
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Do you know what dbaron was getting at in comment 1?  (I'm not sure, and I don't want to r+ this without understanding.)

(Alternately, maybe dbaron can chime in, though I think he's afk for a bit, based on his bugzilla nick)
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I admit I'm not sure what he meant. I didn't think there should be any performance problem, so I guessed he was saying we should have test for it to confirm it works as expected.

But after check the code, I guess there is probably some performance problem to have :lang() in html.css, so I think it would be better to have him chime in instead of my guessing here.
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OK -- I'm going to punt on this review to dbaron, then, so he can express concerns if he has them.

(I'm also loaded with intern interviews tomorrow & I'm on PTO on Friday, so I probably wouldn't get to this as a legit review until next week anyway.)
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I'm not worried about the performance because all of the selectors have an "rt" or "rtc" element selector in the rightmost part-between-combinators.

It might be good to also have a test that ruby-align: center and ruby-align: space-around produce different results, if we don't have that already.

r=dbaron with that
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If you meant in normal cases, then we have had a test to check the behavior of different values of ruby-align in bug 1055676.
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