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Now that we've done the research on SUMO to figure out which API we should use for now (bug #1124412), we need to implement the code in the thank you page view that:

1. takes the response description
2. uses the API to find 5 search results for that response
3. transform the search results data structure into one that's convenient for displaying in the template
4. add the search results to the render context

We'll also need a test to make sure that in the case we do a search on SUMO for results, we want to make sure we get results in the render context. We don't need to verify the results since they'll be changing.

One thing to note: this bug does not cover changing the template to show the results. That'll be in a future bug.
Blocks: 1133771
Fixing blocks/depends.
Blocks: 1007840
No longer depends on: 1007840
Assigning this to Adam.
Assignee: nobody → aokoye
Moving things out of the input.adam sprint.
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Grabbing this one to finish up what Adam did.
Assignee: aokoye → willkg
I think I'm going to over-architect this and do a new django app for it that defines a service provider for generating relevant links for a given piece of feedback.

Then we can build a series of service classes, dynamically load them based on configuration settings, and use that to build a SUMO Search service.

This opens up the door later to provide other services that might pick up on keywords and other things.

I'll figure out details as I'm implementing.
Priority: -- → P2
Depends on: 1161044
Depends on: 1161050
I've got a basic structure for a "suggest" app working now. It's still tightly coupled to the feedback app, but I think that's fine for now. We can decouple it further later if we need to use it with other things.

However, the SUMO search API isn't including full links to kb documents in the results. We need full links so we don't have to hard-code the url or guess at it. So we're blocked on bug #1161044 before we can move forward with this.
We can't pass feedback text into the sumo search suggest api via the querystring--need to send it in the http request body.

Created bug #1164205 to fix the sumo search suggest api to do that better.
Depends on: 1164205
Making this block on bug #1164565 because that's going to change the shape of the document results which is what this bug depends on.
Depends on: 1164565
Depends on: 1164859
In a PR:

This was easily 3 points of work since I had to make a bunch of changes to the API endpoint.
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