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Spun off bug 1006972 comment 4:

Rachel Berenbaum wrote

Hi Byron and Mike,

Recruiting is now managing our Requisition Opening Process (how Hiring
Managers request to use their available headcount/Recruiting resources)
through a private request form within Bugzilla. There are several metrics
that we and Senior Leadership need to be able to capture in order to
efficiently prioritize the requisitions that have been requested.
Unfortunately the current Bugzilla Reporting tool is very limited and
doesn't help us find the metrics we need to pull for our dashboard- metrics
that we believe would be available if Google Analytics were brought back. 

We're looking to pull a few specific fields from all bugs classified under
Recruiting for the Requisition Opening process- I've attached a simple
screenshot. Can we set up some time to explore if Google Analytics being
reinstated would solve for this?

Rachel: so you are wanting a simple, spreadsheet-like report listing all open recruiting bugs, pulling in the specific fields created from the recruiting form?
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Hi Mark,

Exactly- is that possible? In the screenshot I attached the fields we specifically need.
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Component: Custom Bug Entry Forms → General
note: some of those fields are in comment 0, so we'll have to parse the comment.  i don't think that's a big deal, as its generated by a template and the number of bugs is tiny (it's a much lighter solution than adding new bug fields for that data).
Agreed.  glob, do you think the best way to handle this is a custom report within bmo?
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(In reply to Mark Côté [:mcote] from comment #4)
> Agreed.  glob, do you think the best way to handle this is a custom report
> within bmo?

yes.  while it could be done using just bugzilla's api, if we make it part of bmo we can add a comment to the comment template to ensure the report is kept in sync.
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Byron and Mark, this sounds great. Is there anything you need from me in order for us to develop this report?

Thanks for your help!
I think we have everything we need.  We'll try to get started on it later this week.
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i've created the report and it's on our development server for your review/feedback:
(or click on "Reports" in the header, then "Recruiting Dashboard")

can you please have a look and let me know if this suits your requirements?

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unfortunately I haven't been added as a member of the 'hr group' yet, so I can't view what you just created (or the recruiting dashboard)- could you please add a screenshot instead? Not sure how long getting added to that group will take.

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You appear to be a member of the HR group on bugzilla-dev.  Are you sure you're logged in?
Hi Mark,

Yes, I am logged in. When I click on Byron's link I receive the following error message: " Sorry, you aren't a member of the 'hr' group, and so you are not authorized to run the Recruiting Dashboard."
Regardless, here's a screen shot.
I meant, are you sure you are logged into bugzilla-dev?  The link he provided is to our development instance; you need to be logged in there, not just here (bugzilla production).  But if you are still having troubles, I hope the screen shot is enough. :)
Thanks for the screenshot, Mark! 

What was created looks perfect- I don't have any edits. Are we all set to use the tool starting today?
AH, I see. No, I don't think I was logged into dev at the time. The screenshot was enough, thank you :)
It's only deployed to our development instance right now.  We should be able to push it out to production on our next scheduled deployment, on Monday night.
Super- that works well. Thanks for your work on this!
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