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Implement new migration panel design


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We're working towards a first run flow that appears seamless and cohesive so that people understand that even though they have moved from the installer to Firefox, for example, they are still in the process of setting up Firefox. One interim step we can take, without introducing new strings or functionality, is to make the design of the migrator match the size and layout of the stub installer while picking up some of design cues of the  website and tour that bookend the flow.
Attached image migrator spec.png
This design matches the stub installer window size and layout. The content area also picks up the same background color with the navigation in a white section at the bottom of the window. We should use the default system fonts for each OS (i.e Segoe on Windows 8, Helvetica Neue on Mac 10.10, etc.)
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See Also: → 1188478
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