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[meta] Overflow menu UI polish


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We've taken a couple passes at this in bug 1055536, and some other ones that I can't seem to find right now but I'm still noticing a lot of visual issues. Let's try to clean these up! Especially the left edge transparency issue.

 - Pressed state should be "Toolbar grey pressed" (#D7D7DC)
 - Left edge of menu is noticeably transparent ( you can see the characters from the page coming through)
 - Add 15dp left padding to labels (I don't think I ever specified this value anywhere but 15dp would keep it consistent in other areas of our UI that are close to "edges")
 - Dividers in between each row seem to be (#C9D3DC), we should update this to (#D7D9DB) like our toolbar divider.

Chenxia, maybe we could also use the same shadow that we're working on in bug 1137921?
Assignee: nobody → mhaigh
- height of each list item to 48dp (same height as the toolbar)
Attaching screenshot of the edge transparency issue.
Attaching preview of the changes I mentioned earlier.

Again, lower priority for sure - but I wanted to file this before I forgot. It's also been bugging me in my dreams.
Leaving a note here, looked at this with Mcomella and the left edge is totally crisp on his N4. Something weird is happening here..
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Summary: Overflow menu UI polish → [meta] Overflow menu UI polish
I've pulled at a thread, meta-fying and regrouping to figure out appropriate next steps.
Unassign from meta.
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Unfixed bugs moved to fennec-polish meta: closing this.
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