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Address Book stopped asking for LDAP password(s)


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Steps to reproduce:

Note: I had this working before Thunderbird 31.5.0.

-- verify an LDAP server connection with ldapsearch ( servers lives and responds to the queries ) ;
-- set an LDAP directory server ( e.g. Preferences->Composition->Addressing->Edit Directories->Add ), switch off SSL for the sake of debugging ;
-- save it, restart thunderbird just in case, make sure it's all there.
-- go back to the same dialog, choose Edit->Offline->Download Now .

Actual results:


most importantly, there was no password prompt for the binding part, as it was yesterday before the update. ( Yes there were saved passwords, but I have deleted them for testing, so ideally it should now ask me for a password every time. )

the ldap log gives me these two lines:
2015-03-08 06:47:59.638217 UTC - -809519232[7f14ce817580]: unbinding
2015-03-08 06:47:59.638287 UTC - -809519232[7f14ce817580]: unbound

( I set

, and then after an attempt to get an offline copy of an address book I get no password prompt with "Replication failed" in the GUI and these two lines in the log:
2015-03-08 06:47:59.638217 UTC - -809519232[7f14ce817580]: unbinding
2015-03-08 06:47:59.638287 UTC - -809519232[7f14ce817580]: unbound

If I'm trying to look up a name on any ldap server ( yes we have several ), I get "no matches found" and no messages in the log entirely.

Needless to say, the ldapsearch utility works fine. )

Expected results:

Do we have ( bug #833971 ) been fixed too well ?

-- the log should be much more informative, logging all operations at levels 4 and 5, and at least the errors at level 2 ;
-- but most importantly, there should be a password prompt as it was before.

Are you also seeing this in version 45?
See Also: → 833971
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