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16 years ago
I was just thinking.  Why doesn't someone modify the validator service available 
from W3C or create something similar, but build it so that it compensates for any 
bugs or differences in Mozilla, so that web developers can validate their pages 
for Mozilla compatibility.  Support only what Mozilla can support and note if 
something is a bug and will be fixed, and when.  That way developers can tell 
right away what is the problem, and better than the W3C validator can.
Wrong product, and I very very strongly feel that this is WONTFIX.

We aim to follow the standards, not a subset of them.  Plus the sheer work
involved with updating this every time we support a new feature or a regression
occurs would not be worth it.

And doesn't validating to Mozilla support seem a lot like the old days when
people coded to support MSIE or Netscape?  Let's not introduce different
"standards" that people should code for, but encourage people to code for THE
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16 years ago
It's not really encouraging people to code for the wrong standard, it just allows 
them to see if something is supported or not.  It should follow all standards, 
but note when something won't work in Mozilla, not say it's not a standard 
(pardon double negative).  It should say when it is planned to support that 
problem, and have an option to submit a bug, that way all bugs can be reported 
quicker.  If the data is also recorded, it would be good for coders to see what 
is the most comon problem.
Well, this *is* an RFE and I will not be the one to decide what to do with it. 
Therefore I will confirm it.

However, this would be a full time job and to be honest, there is already a
Mozilla validator.

It's called Mozilla.  Download it.  Visit an HTML or CSS (or another) test suite
of your choice.  If what you want works, we support it in that build.  If not,
we don't.
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Comment 4

15 years ago

the purpose of validator is to check if document syntax conforms
to some specific standard. is not a standard publisher
and cannot claim any "Mozilla conformity". If someone needs to make
sure a page works properly in Mozilla, s/he will do so by direct
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