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Create hotfix add-on to remove orphaned Superfish hotfix on non-Windows platforms


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39.2 - 23 Mar


(Reporter: mwobensmith, Assigned: Felipe)




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The Superfish hotfix add-on was created in bug 1136150 to be deployed on Windows only. However, AMO may not have served the correct platform information, resulting in a hotfix that was also pushed to Mac/Linux. 

The result is that the add-on displays in the Fx add-ons manager UI as a disabled add-on for those platforms. It should have never been pushed to those configs, and as written, the add-on cannot uninstall itself.

More info:
Assignee: nobody → felipc
Blocks: 1136150
RelEng is only involved with the signing of hotfixes. Is there code for this in the hotfixes repo yet, or a xpi that needs signing?
Note: the problem existed only over the first weekend. After noticed we fixed AMO to serve it correctly on Monday morning, so the number of orphaned installations is probably small. I wanted to wait a bit to see if a new hotfix (bug 1134989) would come soon and make this unnecessary, but as bug 1134989 won't happen in the next couple of days, we might as well do this here to avoid user confusion.
Depends on: 1138742
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Note: in bootstrap.js I kept references to "v20150225.01" to keep changes to a minimum, and avoid running the code again in platforms where it ran before (keeping the previouslySucceeded check for the pref "browser.hotfix.v20150225.01.complete")
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Depends on: 1142578
I filed a bug for signing, bug 1142578
Hello Jorge :) Another hotfix.. Could you push this one to staging? The signed xpi is in bug 1142578
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Flags: needinfo?(jorge)
Tested on staging - worked like a charm. Go live?
Yeah, I've also verified that this update has the intended effect of removing the orphaned hotfix from OSX. I don't think we need an entire new QA cycle since this is literally the same hotfix as before, with a bump in version.

Jorge, can you push it to production? Make sure that it's marked on AMO as targeting all 3 platforms (Win, Mac, Linux)
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The new hotfix is now available on AMO.
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Closed: 5 years ago
Component: Releases → General
Product: Release Engineering → Firefox
QA Contact: rail
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Iteration: --- → 39.2 - 23 Mar
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I was able to verify that it worked on an affected install of Mac Fx37. 

The condition was caused only for a short period of time, from a misconfiguration on AMO. So, only some clients were affected. Since I can't recreate that misconfiguration, I cannot generate more affected clients to verify the fix, on multiple configs. Marking this bug verified based on what I was able to confirm.
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