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Cannot set currentTime/resume transitions that are finished


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- Open
- Click on the red <div>
- Wait for the width/height transitions to end
- Open the web console

On click of the <div>, I store both Animation objects (retrieved via el.getAnimations()) on the global scope, in the `animations` variable.

So, with the web console opened, you can try to change the currentTime of either the width or height transitions, or play/pause, change the playbackRate, ... nothing seems to work.

It looks like once finished, transitions are put in a state where nothing works anymore.
Executing animations[0].playState however does return "finished".

For info, trying to change the currentTime while the transition is playing does work as expected.

Also for info, modifying css animations (not transitions) after they're finished does work too.
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Blocks: 1149999
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This works, although I'm not sure we should be calling SetIsFinishedTransition in two different places.
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possible patch

Perhaps drop the default argument value and just explicitly pass true when needed?
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I'd really want this to land sooner rather than later. Is the current r+'d patch ok to go? Or are there other things to do here?
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I will land this soon, but the tree has been closed recently. I'll try again tomorrow.
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And as soon as I finally decide to say that the tree reopens...
Any chance of a test for this?
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(In reply to Brian Birtles (:birtles) from comment #6)
> Any chance of a test for this?

Bug 1157053.
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Depends on: 1157053
Component: DOM → DOM: Core & HTML
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