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[EME] Some tests keep working after they should have finished


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Some EME tests keep doing some work after they have first declared themselves finished, e.g.:
"23:09:54 INFO - 331 INFO TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | dom/media/test/test_eme_canvas_blocked.html | bipbop-cenc-videoinit.mp4-2 fragment 'bipbop-cenc-audio3.m4s' size: expected 977, got 977 - Result logged after SimpleTest.finish()"

This is because "LoadTest(test, v, token)" asynchronously loads all the fragments for each test case, but the test themselves only check pass/fail conditions early (typically after the init segments) and declare the test finished. But loading continues in the background, and some checks are done there, which could result in late errors.

Possible solutions:
1. Don't mark the test 'finished' until loading has completed.
2. Only try to load the segments needed for each test.
3. Allow the test to stop the loading operation.
Blocks: 1152153
Summary: [EME] Some tests keep checking things after they should be finished → [EME] Some tests keep working after they should have finished
Added manager.started(token+"_load") and manager.finished(token+"_load") around TestLoad to ensure that test don't terminate tests too quickly while fetching is still running.
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No longer blocks: 1152153
Rebase & patch rename, no actual changes, carrying r+.
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Some tests only need the init fragment and the first data fragment, no need to load more.
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