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[EME] test_eme_persistent_sessions does not handle multi-stream cases


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test_eme_persistent_sessions.html was only designed to handle one session at a time.
Some failures (e.g. bug 1148844) may be related to this.

Possible solutions:
1. Only use test cases with 1 session.
2. Modify code to handle multiple sessions.
Can you elaborate the problem? I think we should support multiple sessions in the real use case and our test case should also reflect the truth.
The test was originally written at a time when there were only single-stream test cases, and it has some top-level variables meant to be used by 'the' session handler.
So when two sessions are created (as is the case in multi-stream videos since bug 1144409) the same variables are used by both session handlers, with some unexpected results that do not necessarily point to real code issues.

I agree that handling multiple sessions is expected, and will try to patch the test that way.
But in the worst case (too hard?), I'll fall back to option 1 for now and create a separate bug to later handle multi-stream tests.
Blocks: 1152170
eme.js:SetupEME() itself does not handle multiple sessions well, so this bug here will just disable multi-session test cases for now.
After bug 1142379 lands with real multi-stream tests, bug 1152170 will add full support for multi-stream tests in test_eme_persistent_sessions.
Only use test cases that generate 1 session.
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Trying with patch from bug 1154133:
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No longer depends on: 1152151
Rebase, no actual changes, carrying r+.
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