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On Desktop, only enable APZ for E10S windows


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None of the Desktop platforms receive input off the main thread, so they effectively require E10S. That may change for some platforms, but not right now.
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Try run:

If this sticks I'll follow up with a backout after the next m-c merge.
(And do a m.d.platform post)
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Assignee: dvander → bugmail.mozilla
Summary: On Desktop, only enable APZ for E10S → On Desktop, only enable APZ for E10S windows
I need to test these patches on all platforms still.
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I tested this on OSX, Linux, and Windows, with e10s enabled and disabled by default, using "open new e10s window" and "open new non-e10s window". Works as intended (i.e. APZ enabled in all e10s windows but not otherwise).
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Comparing the dxr search results of "electrolysis" and "e10s" seems to indicate that e10s is the preferred name.
I'm always unsure how to camelcase e10s :)
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No longer depends on: 1158470
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Part 1 - Rename a flag

Review of attachment 8596761 [details] [diff] [review]:

Let's call it mMultiProcessWindow. We use gMultiProcessBrowser for similar things in the frontend. Also, I don't like to use codenames in source code.
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I am really doubt about decision of this bug.
Why it was needed? As result we have bug 1162009.
Blocks: 1162009
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