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Disable Reading List and RL Sync on all channels


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(firefox38-, firefox39 fixed, firefox40 fixed)

Firefox 40
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For the near term (and especially 38.1), we will be focusing on Pocket integration instead of the Reading List/Sync work we've been doing. Until we understand how "Reading List" and Pocket may coexist, we will disable Reading List and the new Reading List Sync service.

[Note that Android will, for now, continue to support the Reading List that they've shipped with for a long time. Although the newly-written Sync code for it will be disabled, since Desktop and iOS won't be using it.]

See also bug 1155191, where we disabled this on 38.0.

Reader View is largely unaffected by this change.

Users on pre-release channels (Nightly/DevEdition/Beta) who have already added things to their Reading List will no longer have access to them. There will be no migration to Pocket --  sorry. If affected users need to get back to their Reading List items, I'd suggest they download an older build, go through their list, and convert items to bookmarks (which will sync across devices with Firefox Sync). Or wait until our Pocket integration is functional, and s/bookmarks/Pocket/.
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Tracked for 38 for obvious reasons.
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Unlike bug 1155191, this just softly flips the default prefs. This will land on Nightly and Aurora (40+39).

I disabled it harder in the other bug for 38.* because it seems like there's significant short-term risk of confusion around this feature, and I wanted to avoid having Release users think this is a new-and-almost-ready feature based on something they read in a random blog post. That should be less of a problem when 39 makes it to release, and by then we'll hopefully have a better understanding of the future plans, if any, for Reading List.
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(In reply to Sylvestre Ledru [:sylvestre] from comment #1)
> Tracked for 38 for obvious reasons.

Actually bug 1155191 is disabling this for 38.0 and 38.1 (same thing, since we haven't branched yet). So I don't think we need to track _this_ bug for 38?
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ok, no worries! Untracking it then
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(Added a pref flip to browser/components/readinglist/test/xpcshell/test_scheduler.js, glad I did that Try run!)
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(As noted above, bug 1155191 landed a stricter version of this on beta, so no beta approval needed here.)
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Untracking; looks like this is fixed and has had no issues for the last week.
The patch pushed for this bug was also verified through the testing conducted on Bug 1155191. Closing.
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