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[breakdown] UITour work for Pocket integration


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Some of the plans originally made in bug 1132951 will be changing, as we won't be shipping Reading List in 38.1. While the schedule is tight, we should investigate what pieces are salvageable and/or can be finished considering the new engineering work for Pocket, and what a tour to promote Pocket might look like with minimal new UITour/FTU changes.
I met with Holly/Cory/Matt on Friday to briefly talk about what's changing.

Most of the existing tour work (bug 1132951 and deps) will no longer apply. Largely due to a mix of Reading List going away, and many of the pre-landed strings referring to it, and the FxA steps having been targeted at _Sync_ (which RL was effectively part of, but Pocket is not).

* We were able to adjust which strings bug 1134507 is using, so we can still show an infopanel pointing out the Reading View button the first time a uses visits a page where is can be used.

* We can trivially extend UITour to allow a whatsnew/firstrun page to indicate the Pocket button (using the existing hilight/infopanel mechanisms)... However, the planned content of those pages for 38.1 wasn't going to be an actual feature-promotion tour (rather, just general why Firefox is awesome content), so it's not as simple as adding/changing a step to talk about Pocket.

Cory et al will be talking with folks to see what our options are in the short timeframe available.
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My understanding is that the timeframe was too short to create or implement a new Pocket-specific tour, and so we're not going to have anything for the 38.0.5 ship date. (We'll only have the infopanel added by bug 1134507 for Reader View.)

I think we might do something in a future release (39/40?), so will tentatively leave this open.
Filed bug 1160663 to allow hilighting the Pocket button in UITour.
Met with Holly, Justin, Matt and Bryan yesterday[0].

Net net

Request to product is to add the ability to highlight Pocket icon in the Chrome (bug 1160663), and expand the Pocket panel (bug 1161810). Expectation for this is to land with 38.0.5.

WebDev will be creating a landing page, and possibly a /whatsnew experience to engage with the icon and drop the panel. Once the panel is dropped, we will 'hand the user off' to the Pocket experience.

[0] 2015-05-05 UITour discussion
Depends on: 1160663, 1161810
Keywords: meta
Priority: -- → P2
Dependent bugs fixed, all in-product tour work complete.
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