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Add a restart button next to the shutdown button in the menu.


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Steps to reproduce:

"Restart by Schuzak"

Actual results:

It adds a Restart button next to Shutdown in the menu, functions perfectly in harmony with Firefox and doesn't feel out of place in the least bit, so I felt it's worthy consideration as a built-in feature.

Expected results:

I don't know the logistics of implementing an extension into the main branch of Firefox, but the alternative of making your own button that functions similarly exists. Since it's a rather small addition, I'd guess it's not too difficult (take that with a grain of salt, I know no more than basic programming in any language).

The extension serves as a pretty good template, which is why I linked to it. I could just keep using it, but because of the stated reasons above I feel the implementation of such a feature should at least be considered. I recognize a need to prioritize, and that there are likely to be 100 other small features out there far more useful than this, but I hope you do consider it at least.
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Duplicate of this bug: 1555238
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