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Storage Inspector IndexedDB actor value inspector is lossy due to apparent JSON.stringify serialization, Maps and Sets become empty Objects, should probably use nsIStructuredCloneContainer for serialization


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(Reporter: asuth, Assigned: miker)



I am using the very cool Storage Inspector to check out my IndexedDB data and noticed that my Sets and Maps are turning into empty objects.  (IndexedDB values are serialized using structured clone.)

I don't see getObjectStoreData in the indexedDB actor doing anything special, so I suspect this is an issue of the actor infrastructure using JSON to serialize, and in this case either it or the indexedDB actor needs to specifically be using nsIStructuredCloneContainer ( or similar magic.

If this should be addressed at the actor infrastructure level, I'm not immediately finding a bug to make this depend on that one, but one may exist (or maybe one should be filed?)
See Also: → 1031192
We can't because this would break compatibility with other tools e.g. Chrome dev tools so we need to stick to JSON for the moment.

There are other ideas in the works in order to accomplish getting the same object as has been passed though.
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Closed: 7 years ago
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Product: Firefox → DevTools
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