After having implemented collapsible paragraph titles, anchor names are not visible anymore



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Steps to reproduce:

Recently the TOC of articles has been modified in a way that it creates collapsible paragraphs rather than a list of the paragraphs of an article.


Until this change, it was possible to view the anchor related to each paragraph hovering the mouse on the links in the TOC. A click on a paragraph clearly showed the link with the anchor in the Address bar.

Actual results:

After this change, hovering the mouse on the paragraph title doesn't show the anchor anymore. Clicking on a paragraph expands the content but the anchor is not visible in the Address bar.

Expected results:

Anchors should be made visible again. Otherwise it is VERY VERY difficult to reference anchors in other articles, for example in internal links like this:

[[Adobe Flash plugin has crashed - Prevent it from happening again#w_disattivare-laccelerazione-hardware-in-flash|queste istruzioni]]

In this case, I had to "guess" the anchor, trying several times until I managed to catch it.


4 years ago
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Simone, thanks for reporting this. Do you see a lot of anchor links in articles? I'm going to get rid of the anchor link in that Flash article because the target section is right below it anyway. I'm wondering if the other anchor links can also be removed. I'll take a closer look at all the articles over the next few weeks, but if you find any in any locale, please add them here:

Also, I'd like to gradually move away from using anchor links in general. If a section is important enough to link to, it's worth turning it into a separate article (that makes it easier for users to find it in search). We can review them on a case by case basis.

I'll leave this bug open for now until we look at those affected articles.
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4 years ago
Hi Joni, yes I see a lot of anchors in articles. For me it's ok to get rid of them but until the day you decide to streamline all articles, I need to reference them somehow.
I've re-opened bug 1158595, and have filed a PR to revert this change. We need to fix this and other problems before we can re-implement collapsing all articles.
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