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Reenable pointerlock test on most platforms


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Currently, pointerlock tests (dom/tests/mochitest/pointerlock) are disabled on almost all platforms by different ways. They are disabled on Windows in mochitest.ini, on Linux in dom/tests/, on Mac OS X >= 10.7 in the test file. Hence, the tests are currently only run on Mac OS X 10.6. They are also disabled for e10s, Android, and b2g. Android and b2g are probably irrelevant, but Android does support mice, doesn't it?

We definintely should try to fix either side (impl or test) to enable them in most of those platforms, so that we could detect problems once we break pointerlock feature.
Depends on: 1174966
Depends on: 919106
Depends on: 1175390
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An initial try push:

The tests have been running very well on Linux builds. (Windows builds were cancelled because this try push doesn't really enable Windows tests)
RyanVM, given the try run, do you think the tests are reliable enough to be enabled on Linux and Windows other than XP?
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One hit on bug 931445. Are you still looking at the other various intermittents filed on this test?
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(In reply to Ryan VanderMeulen [:RyanVM UTC-4] from comment #4)
> One hit on bug 931445. 

That is... I assume it's a different hit. Previously, timeouts mostly happen on file_childIframe and several other files because of a real bug in our code which will be fixed in bug 1174966.

The timeout in that try run happens in file_infiniteMovement. I would need more time to investigate. But it seems this intermittent is much harder to reproduce.

The bad thing of pointer lock tests is that, all of the tests are in one single test, which makes it hard to realize which one actually times out from the error signature. I've also filed bug 1175403 to split the tests, and hopefully that would help.

> Are you still looking at the other various
> intermittents filed on this test?

The intermittent in Linux build has been fixed in bug 1175390.

The bust in ASan and OS X is actually unrelated to this, and will be fixed in bug 1175485.

The intermittent in OS X, which is bug 1174323, I really have no idea how to fix that completely... see bug 1174323 comment 128.
It seems that timeout isn't that easy to trigger:
Comment on attachment 8624679 [details] [diff] [review]
enable on Linux and Windows other than XP

Review of attachment 8624679 [details] [diff] [review]:

I assume the GTK3 folks are OK with this being re-enabled? Either way, better to disable in the manifest if needed rather than at the level.
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You removed the leave-open keyword... Okay, I guess that's fine, although it is not "most platforms". We can leave OS X Lion+ and Win XP to bug 1170369 anyway.
Yeah, probably easier for tracking anyway (especially since next week is Whistler and the uplift to Aurora is on the 29th).
This made Mulet mochitests very unhappy. Given the earlier green Try pushes, I guess it depends on one of the other fixes that hasn't landed yet. Re-disabling on Mulet for now.
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