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ping["application"]["channel"] != ping["environment"]["settings"]["update"]["channel”]


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I have seen a recent v4 ping in which the ping["application"]["channel"] and ping["environment"]["settings"]["update"]["channel”] differ. 

Is that expected?
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What are the values? Note that there is a difference between the default (compiled-in) update channel (from nsIXULRuntime) and the actual channel, for RCs on the beta channel. And there may be differences in how we report partner-build channel modifications as well.
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The values are nightly and release for ping["application"]["channel"] and ping["environment"]["settings"]["update"]["channel”] respectively.
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Ok, that sounds like someone is testing things - i can't imagine other reasons really why a browser would have those two values at different times.
I'm monitoring this for a bit:

I will close this out if nothing unexpected shows up there.
I had a look at this issue and run a couple of tests:

1) With a test profile, ran 39 beta and got the correct channels ( and are the same, "beta"). Then I opened Nightly with the same profile and the channels behaved as expected ("nightly").
2) With a different test profile, ran Nightly and let Telemetry init.  Then I change the default (UpdateChannel.get reads the *DEFAULT* value for that pref) using |Services.prefs.getDefaultBranch(null).setCharPref("", "release");|

With the second test, I get what we see in the monitor (in my case, as release and as nightly).

That explains the nightly/release channel difference with a manual testing, since we shouldn't even be receiving pings with a "release" channel right now.

The aurora-cck-opensuse/aurora channel difference is due to partner repacking [1]: since "aurora-cck-opensuse" will still be treated as "aurora", we should exclude the partner info from the channel entry. We have the partner info in a separate section in the ping anyway (thanks Georg and Standard8 ;-) ).

[1] -
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Side-note, it looks like someone is actually currently testing channel switching:
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Approval Request Comment
[Feature/regressing bug #]:
Unified Telemetry,
This is part of the first (main) batch of uplifts to 40 to enable shipping on that train, see bug 1120356, comment 2.
[User impact if declined]:
Data & measurement insight projects delayed or blocked with direct impact on projects depending on this.
[Describe test coverage new/current, TreeHerder]:
We have good automation coverage of the feature.
We also had manual tests of the main tasks as well as confirmation of correct behavior on Nightly for the patches here.
[Risks and why]:
Low-risk - these patches are rather isolated to Telemetry and have been on Nightly for a while with no bad reports.
We intend to track on-going data quality and other issues during the 40 aurora & beta and flip the new behavior off when it doesn't meet the requirements.
[String/UUID change made/needed]:
The only string changes were to the about:telemetry page.
We decided that we can live with missing translations on that page for a cycle as that page is not exactly user-facing.
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part of the unified telemetry uplift, taking it
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